“Deciding to sell was an emotional decision for me. The senior partners at Legacy Capital were always there for me and served me with the utmost respect and attention. They netted even stronger results than I had expected. They are the epitome of professionalism...and now great friends.”*
— Britt Murphey, Owner (fmr) B&B Molders
“We couldn't have had better representation nor better friends after the transaction.”*
— Bud Stout, Chairman (fmr) Foremost Fabricators
"Legacy Capital closed three deals for me and each deal exceeded my expectations. They're true professionals."*
— Robert Schemel, Owner (fmr), American Eldercare
“Legacy was my Rottweiler, defending and protecting my interests at every turn. They represented me wholeheartedly throughout the entire process and I always knew they had a strong, personal interest in the success of my transaction.”*
— Hans Ashbaugh, Owner (fmr), Elkhart Brass
“We were great at running our business, but that did not equate to knowing how to ‘sell’ our business…we had one opportunity to hit the grand slam and Legacy helped us to knock the ball out of the park.”*
— Rick Chatellier, CEO (fmr), Pavermodule
“Legacy Capital was clearly the best option for me. They handled everything with integrity and discretion, keeping my transaction quiet, handling my personal issues with care, all while attaining high value for the company.”*
— Jeff Wells, Wells Cargo
“I give Legacy Capital Advisers a 5 star review *****. Legacy went into great depth to understand the complexity of our business and capture and articulate the value of the vision of our company and its unique design. Throughout the process, Legacy was there anticipating and advising on every nuance. The value of their years of experience became quite apparent in the critical negotiations, due diligence, and the close.”*
— Doug Rassi, CEO Polywood
"Our relationship with Legacy started well before and continues well after our deal. They have always had my back and provided me with great advice throughout my relationship with them."*
— Ricky Baker, (Fmr) Chairman, Big Tex Trailer Manufacturing
"…the process worked perfectly. The professionalism and personal attention was above and beyond any expectation. The greatest endorsement I can give to any company is to use them again, and in the case of Legacy, I will, without reservation, use them again.”*
— Casey Cummings, CEO ACC Climate Control
"The principals at Legacy Capital 'get' what's at stake when a business is being sold:…They went the extra mile to find a buyer who paid high value but also provided a great future home for our employees and partners.”*
— Bob Wedoff, Owner (fmr), LWG Consulting
“Not only was Legacy an outstanding advisor throughout our engagement, but remained an invaluable confidant afterwards”*
— Jim Host, Owner (fmr), ProREHAB
“The Legacy team became “my team” in every sense. For me, this transaction was very personal and represented a life’s work. They respected that and counseled me accordingly. Looking back, I would not change a thing, and in fact recommended them to a close friend.”*
— Paul Fazio, Owner/CEO, Sonny’s Enterprises, Inc.


Legacy Capital Advisors, LLC provides a premier level of Merger and Acquisition advisory services to closely-held, middle market companies. We utilize proven, unique, innovative processes to help our clients attain maximum value from Merger & Acquisition transactions, while maintaining confidentiality and minimizing business disruption.

Our principals have worked together as a team for over 35 years, and since our formation in 2002, Legacy has provided our clients with over $3 billion of liquidity. We have represented and advised business owners across a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, health care providers, business services, and consumer product companies.

Legacy Capital has an international reach affording our clients the ability to find buyers and investors around the world. Our clients receive counsel from a team of experienced advisors who dedicate themselves to exclusively representing the needs of closely held businesses. We limit our practice to Merger & Acquisition related services for closely-held companies, thereby avoiding the conflicts of interest which are inherent at large investment banks and regional brokerage firms.

As you can see from the quotations from our former clients, Legacy continues to provide an unparalleled level of service, commitment, expertise and results.

Since 2001, Legacy’s bankers have exclusively focused on meeting the needs of privately-held companies. For 20 years, we have delivered a high level of sophistication, and unparalleled level of service, and outstanding results.

Our Approach

Legacy Capital Advisors, LLC is unique, both in our capabilities and our approach to providing Merger & Acquisition services. Legacy only represents closely-held (typically, family-owned) businesses. Many other investment banks have potential conflicts of interest, due to the fact that the majority of their revenue comes from the acquirors of middle market businesses.

First, due to our international reach and relationships, Legacy Capital is able to contact the strongest acquirors on behalf of our clients. During the last three years, foreign acquirors bid on over 30% of our clients' transactions. Our ability to effectively tap international markets benefits our clients with higher transaction values.

Second, our Managing Directors conduct all phases of the engagement. They are not merely "part of the team" or "actively involved" with the transaction. Most Investment Banks use junior people to execute many key aspects of the engagement. Our Senior Partners roll up their sleeves and execute each step of the assignment, from designing a marketing strategy to contacting all potential counterparties, negotiating agreements and closing the deal.

Third, Legacy Capital does not believe in a "one size fits all" approach. Our multi-tiered approach has provided our clients with very strong values and transaction terms, all while maintaining a high level of confidentiality. We evaluate each client's engagement, then recommend and implement strategies tailored to meet their needs. Our process is designed to maximize value and confidentiality while minimizing business disruption to our clients.

Finally, without the conflicts or encumbrances other Investment Banks face, Legacy’s Managing Directors have the gravitas, reputation, and standing to directly contact the CEO’s, Chairmen, and other key decision makers of the companies which should have an interest in acquiring our clients.

International Affiliations

Legacy Capital Advisors has partnered with International middle market investment banks in order to provide an exceptional level of expertise and placement capability when there are strong international acquirors for our clients. As with Legacy Capital, the principals of these banks are senior deal makers who provide hands on attention to every client’s need.

Our international partners have an outstanding reputation and a very high level of experience in all facets of transaction negotiation. Legacy partnered with these firms because of their integrity, their lack of conflicts of interest, their multilingual capability (the principals speak English, French, German, Spanish, and Mandarin), as well as their transaction acumen.