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Overview & Our Approach 

Legacy Capital Advisors, LLC provides a premier level of Merger and Acquisition advisory services to closely-held, middle market companies.  We utilize proven, unique, innovative processes that help our clients attain maximum value from Merger & Acquisition transactions, while maintaining confidentiality and minimizing business disruption.

Our principals have worked together as a team for over 20 years, providing our clients with over $2 billion of liquidity.  We have represented and advised business owners across a wide variety of industries with a core focus on manufacturing, distribution, health care providers, business services, and consumer product companies.

Legacy Capital has an international reach affording our clients the ability to find buyers and investors around the world. Our clients receive counsel from a team of experienced advisors who dedicate themselves to exclusively representing the needs of closely held businesses. We limit our practice to Merger & Acquisition related services for closely-held companies, thereby avoiding the conflicts of interest which afflict large investment banks and regional brokerage firms.

You and your shareholders deserve an experienced, professional team of Merger & Acquisition advisors with a long track record of expertise, accomplishment, impeccable references, free from conflicts of interest and with the respect of leading M&A attorneys…Legacy Capital Advisors.

Our Approach

Legacy Capital Advisors, LLC is unique, both in our capabilities and our approach to providing Merger & Acquisition services.

First, due to our international reach and relationships, Legacy Capital is able to contact the strongest acquirors on behalf of our clients.  During the last three years, over 20% of the buyers in our transactions have been outside the United States.   Our ability to effectively tap international markets benefits our clients with higher transaction values.

Second, our Managing Directors conduct all phases of the engagement. They are not merely "part of the team" or "actively involved" with the transaction.  Most Investment Banks use junior people to execute many key aspects of the engagement. Our Senior Partners roll up their sleeves and execute each step of the assignment, from designing a marketing strategy to contacting all potential counter parties, negotiating agreements and closing the deal.

Third, Legacy Capital does not believe in a "one size fits all" approach. We evaluate each client's engagement and recommend strategies tailored to their needs. Our process is designed to maximize value and confidentiality, while minimizing business disruptions to our clients.

Finally, Legacy only represents closely-held (typically, family-owned) businesses.  Most other investment banks have conflicts of interest, as the majority of their revenue comes from corporate finance, valuation and divestiture work.  Usually, this work is performed for companies who acquire middle market companies, creating  potential conflicts of interest.  Many investment banks typically derive only a very small portion of their revenues from representing closely held middle market companies.