“We couldn't have had better representation nor better friends after the transaction.”*
— Bud Stout, Chairman (fmr) Foremost Fabricators
“We were great at running our business, but that did not equate to knowing how to ‘sell’ our business…we had one opportunity to hit the grand slam and Legacy helped us to knock the ball out of the park.”*
— Rick Chatellier, CEO (fmr), Pavermodule
“I give Legacy Capital Advisers a 5 star review *****. Legacy went into great depth to understand the complexity of our business and capture and articulate the value of the vision of our company and its unique design. Throughout the process, Legacy was there anticipating and advising on every nuance. The value of their years of experience became quite apparent in the critical negotiations, due diligence, and the close.”*
— Doug Rassi, CEO Polywood
"The principals at Legacy Capital 'get' what's at stake when a business is being sold:…They went the extra mile to find a buyer who paid high value but also provided a great future home for our employees and partners.”*
— Bob Wedoff, Owner (fmr), LWG Consulting
"Our relationship with Legacy started well before and continues well after our deal. They have always had my back and provided me with great advice throughout my relationship with them."*
— Ricky Baker, (Fmr) Chairman, Big Tex Trailer Manufacturing
“Deciding to sell was an emotional decision for me. The senior partners at Legacy Capital were always there for me and served me with the utmost respect and attention. They netted even stronger results than I had expected. They are the epitome of professionalism...and now great friends.”*
— Britt Murphey, Owner (fmr) B&B Molders
“Not only was Legacy an outstanding advisor throughout our engagement, but remained an invaluable confidant afterwards”*
— Jim Host, Owner (fmr), ProREHAB
“Legacy was my Rottweiler, defending and protecting my interests at every turn. They represented me wholeheartedly throughout the entire process and I always knew they had a strong, personal interest in the success of my transaction.”*
— Hans Ashbaugh, Owner (fmr), Elkhart Brass
"Legacy Capital closed three deals for me and each deal exceeded my expectations. They're true professionals."*
— Robert Schemel, Owner (fmr), American Eldercare
"…the process worked perfectly. The professionalism and personal attention was above and beyond any expectation. The greatest endorsement I can give to any company is to use them again, and in the case of Legacy, I will, without reservation, use them again.”*
— Casey Cummings, CEO ACC Climate Control
“Legacy Capital was clearly the best option for me. They handled everything with integrity and discretion, keeping my transaction quiet, handling my personal issues with care, all while attaining high value for the company.”*
— Jeff Wells, Wells Cargo
“The Legacy team became “my team” in every sense. For me, this transaction was very personal and represented a life’s work. They respected that and counseled me accordingly. Looking back, I would not change a thing, and in fact recommended them to a close friend.”*
— Paul Fazio, Owner/CEO, Sonny’s Enterprises, Inc.

Sell Side Services

Legacy Capital Advisors utilizes a thorough consultative approach on each engagement. We work closely with our clients to understand the shareholder's motivation for a transaction, including both their personal and professional goals. We then construct and manage a process tailored to each client to help provide maximum value to our client.

Legacy fully evaluates our client's operations, value drivers, historical financial results and outlook. We invest substantial time and dedicate significant resources to understand the client's unique market position and opportunities, so we may effectively present the business to the best buyers across the globe with appropriately recast financial performance and forecasts.

Legacy controls every facet of the transaction, thereby minimizing disruption to the business while keeping the process confidential. Our services include the following:

Preliminary Valuation In order to ensure that the Company owners have appropriate expectations of the value and marketability of the business, we perform significant work up-front to assess the company and its market in order to provide a tight valuation range to the shareholders. Once this valuation range is reviewed with the business owners, we discuss and agree on a strategy for timing and approach to the transaction.

Due Diligence We thoroughly review each potential client's business in order to advise them of potential challenges to a transaction. Through this review, we: (i) identify issues to address before going to market; (ii) prepare clients for buyer due diligence and (iii) effectively evaluate the viability of transactions.

Sales Strategy We develop a comprehensive worldwide marketing strategy - unique to each client - which considers the specific qualitative and quantitative goals of the shareholders, including business fundamentals, confidentiality concerns and strategic differentiation factors. We formulate an approach that helps maximize the value of the transaction by positioning the company to an international buyer universe and by carefully managing the presentation of the company to those buyers. Our principals have a very successful history of positioning our clients' businesses in a manner that obtains premium terms and pricing in the market.

Marketing/Offering Documents We incorporate our comprehensive company analysis into the preparation of Offering Documents, which provides a description of the company, its markets, operations, financial performance and outlook.

Sales Process We utilize a sales strategy which we have perfected over decades to identify and contact only the most qualified buyers, specifically approved by our clients. Our multi-tiered approach has provided our clients with very strong values and transaction terms, all while maintaining a high level of confidentiality. We execute an approved confidentiality agreement with each potential acquirer before sharing company sensitive data or providing subsequent due diligence materials to a prospective buyer.

Negotiation and Closing Our greatest competitive strength is our ability to negotiate the price and business terms of the transaction. These abilities are derived from years of successful experience. Further, Legacy does not have the conflicts of interest of many other investments. Accordingly, we fiercely negotiate on our clients’ behalf. Our interests are totally aligned with our clients as Legacy never works for the companies who may acquire our clients. Further, we work closely with our clients’ legal and tax advisors to ensure not only strong terms and pricing, but optimal tax structure and appropriate legal safeguards as well. We manage schedules to ensure a reasonable timeline. We don't close until we are sure our clients are receiving the maximum value for their businesses.

Unlike other investment banks, where these steps are conducted by Associates or Analysts, Legacy Capital's Managing Directors perform all facets of each engagement with the goal of exceeding our clients' value expectations.


If you would like a confidential, no obligation assessment of your company’s value and marketability in today’s market, Contact Us

Strategic Exit Planning

"If I had only known this 2-3 years ago,
I would have done things differently."

Business owners generally devote the majority of their time and effort to making their enterprise successful. It is difficult to set aside time to consider and plan for any eventual exit from the business. However, early planning can best prepare you both financially and emotionally to ensure the most effective transition for your business. In addition, a clearly thought out strategic exit plan can give you a clear view of the goalposts you are striving for and tie your tactical activities to the “big picture” of your eventual transition.

Legacy Capital Advisors provides comprehensive strategic exit planning and consulting to clients who would like to prepare their businesses, their families, and indeed, themselves, to exit the business. Legacy assists clients with addressing the personal, financial and psychological issues associated with an exit. Additionally, we provide key guidance on important steps to take well ahead of any exit plan, thereby maximizing the ultimate value realized in a transaction.

If you would like a copy of our white paper Strategic Exit Planning, or to learn more about our Strategic Exit Planning Advisory Services, please call Kevin Keuper at 239-228-6124.

Esop Services

One of the liquidity options which Legacy Capital Advisors advises our clients to consider is the implementation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Legacy advises on the pluses and minuses of this approach as well as guides them through the process. Legacy Capital performs the following steps when working with clients who choose to implement an ESOP:

  • Valuation – determines appropriate value ranges
  • Feasibility Analysis – determines debt capacity and qualified payroll
  • Designing and Structuring – identifies capital sources and designs a security
  • Financing – prepares debt placement documentation and negotiations 

Each of these steps is conducted by Legacy Capital's Managing Directors with the goal of exceeding our clients' value expectations.